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Happy New Year 2010

Sitting in the quiet darkness (another night I can’t sleep through the night… great) thinking about all that has been 2009 and thinking about what might be 2010… it has been a hell of a year.

Who would have thought, as I sat last New Year’s Eve, that I would be sitting here a year later facing RA and what could arguably be one of the biggest adventures in my life… I was ‘limiting’ my ‘activism’ to Breast Cancer awareness… because of my mommy… and my aunt bea… but now I think I have a whole new cause… one that is interestingly closer to home… one that doesn’t have as many advocates (by all appearances…) I wonder if I will have it in me to become active in an RA ’cause’… Me thinks it is something that I NEED to do…

I don’t, as a rule, make resolutions (they simply get broken anyway) but I think that this year I will set as my goals…

Loosing another 30 pounds or so…
Making a concerted effort at Tai Chi
staying as healthy as is humanly possible

and taking up the cause, in some way or another (lol… even if it is “only” through the pages here…) the cause of RA.

I do not want to spread myself too thinly (I have already made that concerted effort… to give myself more of a life)… but I think that this is important…

Uplifting Morning

Woke up early… achy… dry mouth (attributed to the prednizone) and just fundamentally restless. Was a rather down morning until I decided to come here to make myself feel less… restless… less… depressed.

And what did I find… several comments that really really made me feel better… which is a good thing right now.

Yesterday was a horrible day for me mentally and emotionally.

I found new bruises.. new bumps… and new places that hadn’t ached before. I spent the day staring out the window wondering… watched the movie Funny People and found myself wondering… more. all in all a not so great day.

But this morning… In the comments that I moderated… I found people who can relate… people who are where I am… or who used to be where I am and are now further down this adventure trail than I am. Their comments where incredibly uplifting… more so probably than any of them will know… made me smile and get my head back in the right place….

So here I am… wicked early in the morning looking at the Susan Komen Marathon for the Cure shirt hanging on the back of the chair (it came yesterday too and made me doubt my sanity) and realizing that, I can do this… I’m not the first, that’s for damn sure, and I certainly won’t be the last… and if I can do my part to make someone else realize that this may be a LIFE sentence (as in… it will always now be a part of my life) but it sure as heck not a DEATH sentence and it can be a wickedly long RUN ON sentence (sorry, I was almost an English major once upon a time) … I can do this and so can you!

Now… where are my running shoes and my tea?

Prednizone change

Well… she upped my dose of prednizone for a while longer. Hope it helps. We went walking last night to look at the Christmas lights and things got ouchy in places. I know I need to push through the ouchy, but man, there are times when I just really really really don’t want to…