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It’s All About Where You Look and How You Look At It

Can you see the beauty and the magic?

Can you see the beauty and the magic?

So… Can you see the beauty?  Or can you only see the garbage?

I was on an adventure… camera in hand (duh) and there was a huge, stinky, overflowing dumpster.  Garbage was all around on the ground.  And, there he was, fluttering through the refuse,  on his own adventure?  Do you see him there, on the purple something?  He’s just sitting, quietly.  I have pictures of him dancing through the refuse.  

It really is all about where you look and how you see it.  People passed him.  No one really stopped to see.  Some saw the butterflies dancing in the flowers (although not nearly as many people as I would have thought).  But him?  No one stopped to see him.  No one hesitated in their hurry to pass to stop and see.

It’s been a contemplative few days.  He reminded me to stop and smell whatever I pass.  And to really really see.

Now,  the fog’s rolled in.  The room is quiet (well, it is 3 am) but outside the sounds of the city are starting to poke at the edges.