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Side Effects of Losing Weight

I guess I could be imagining things… but maybe not…

I’ve lost 22 pounds.  I’m noticing that what I want to eat (what I can stand to eat) has changed significantly, after even just 22 pounds.  I’ve also learned when I can stand to eat some of my weekly points without freaking out or worrying about what the doctor will say if I’m not where she is happy with by June (and I won’t be and she will be irritated).

This was my week for drugs (okay okay… two weeks ago was my week for drugs, but after doing all the math, I pushed it out to where I could get my infusions at roughly the right time through February hitting all my races without being in huge pain) and I was very grateful for my infusion this week.

When I was walking back to my car after my infusion, this week, I got kind of light headed (and I know it wasn’t from being hungry… I ate a cookie at the infusion center).  By the time I got home, I was starting to feel less achy in my ankles.  My hands were still stiff and hurty but it felt like the meds were working a little faster.

If this is actually a side effect of weight loss, I can totally handle this.

I have had to go shopping for pants.  I’ve dropped one size so far and it was to the point where wearing a belt to keep up my pants was uncomfortable because the belt guides were the only thing that was actually being held up.  The baggy gaps in the pants was very uncomfortable.  So I went to the second hand store (I’m not going to buy new pants that I will not be able to use in a month or two) and got the next size down.

I’ve even started wearing shorts again… and running tank tops (and just as I started wearing shorts, the weather got too chilly again to wear them).  I realized that wearing really baggy stuff wasn’t hiding anything anyway…

And here I am, sitting… looking out over the green leaves that came out of nowhere over the last week.  Listening to the morning birds (yet with the heat on because it is freezing…) and watching the daddy nuthatch bringing food to the mommy nuthatch as she is in the bird house either hatching eggs or caring for her babies…

One week from today is my 8k.  This will be the first race that I’ve done since the Presque Isle half marathon.  One week from right now I will be in Cleveland in my corral waiting for the race to start.  I know that, in running, I’m running away from the thoughts that chase through my head all the time… I know that this race is going to be hard in a lot of ways…. it’s going to be incredibly emotional… I hope I can do this.  I hope I can hold it together.  I hope that I can finish my challenge.

And before I lose it this morning…
Love and Light


People Notice the Loss

Okay, I’m not sure how many people notice whatever the difference is in me, but at least one person did.  Yesterday (a day I was too sore to run in the morning and lunch wsa too busy for me to even get to lunch let alone to the gym) when I managed to make time for the bathroom, I ran into Kalpna (she ran the race for the cure 5k with the team in November) in the bathroom.  I really didn’t think that my feeble attempts at getting healthy and hoping to loose weight were having any decent affect at all.  I know that I feel better… I can breathe better.  I know that I’ve lost a few inches.  I didn’t really think anything was noticible.

What am I doing now?  I’ve been running 3 – 4 days a week.  I’ve been hitting the weights in the gym twice to three times a week.  I’ve been eating smaller portions and being good with that.  I’ve been drinking water more but still drinking a pepsi every couple days… 2 percent milk every day… tea more often than coffee but black coffee too.  I’ve decided that I need to do this in a way I can really live with forever.  I can’t depend on someone else to decide what and how much I am going to eat.  I can’t rely on not eating just to meet my goal.

My goal… weighing 140 pound within the next year and maintaining that weight

I don’t care what size pants that equates to… but if I can get to 140 pounds, I should be lean enough to have my cholesterol soundly under control, I will be able to breathe well all the time without having to rely on inhalers… at least not the albuteral inhalers.  I will start to run half marathons and will be able to finish them.  I don’t know when I will be ready for the first one but the day that I realize that I’m running 3 – 5 miles a day… I will know that I will be able to finish a real race.  I don’t see that being any time very soon… but if I keep up with Podrunner Intervals the way they are supposed to be used… some day I will.