Podrunner Intervals Day 1 to 5k week 9

It was a rabbit kind of morning again!!! When I left the driveway this morning, it was really foggy… the pretty, heavy kind of fog that makes all the sound feel weird. The street lights were all misty and looked like they were a million miles away. This means it was a humid morning (duh). It might not have been the best morning to go from week 8 to week 9 and right now my body isn’t thrilled with me.

I did dumb things this morning. I added the extra time for week 9, and I tried to speed up my workout at the same time. In short order (okay, maybe it took me longer than usual, but I’m not always the most patient person in the world) I figured out that today wasn’t the day to put in the extra faster runs (street light to street light).

I almost caved in and gave up early (15 whole minutes left on the podcast) but just as I topped the next to the last hill, a wind blew in and it felt so good… it gave me my second wind and I pushed through. Now (60 sun gods and 10 pushups later and a good stretch after everything) I’m sitting here, still a bit sweaty, drinking my water and feeling a bit proud of myself.

We were at Walmart yesterday picking up way too grown up son’s birthday cake and I went to the pharmacy to check my blood pressure and pulse rate. 118/80 (not bad) but my pulse rate was 92 (didn’t like that one)… I need to figure out what kind of workout I need to do to bring that down.

Now… a shower and Oatmeal and then back to work…

Have a marvelous day!



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