On Looking Stupid

I watched the National Body challenge tonight and it was kind of sobering. I guess I don’t really think that other people are afraid of looking stupid… figure I look stupid a lot. I figure that every time I go to the gym, every time I run, every time I try to look like anything but a fat chick that I look stupid. I know people who come off acting like they never feel stupid no matter what they wear, no matter how they look. I always envy people because I figure there are way more of ‘those’ never feeling like they look stupid people than people like me. Maybe there are more people like me than I think there are.

There is more to life than just winning…

That is so very true, but it also depends on your definition of winning. There is more to life than winning official competitions. But winning is getting up every morning and running and not quitting on myself. Winning is getting on the scale and having lost a whole pound. Winning is getting to the gym every day and pushing to cross train, too.

The teams have 100 pounds each to loose in 6 months. Do I really think that I could loose 50 pounds in only three? Not hardly…


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