Feeling Like a Lump (warning… rant)

Good grief I’m feeling like a lump today.  Yesterday rode 12 miles on stationary bike, day before I ran 3 miles.  Today, got up at 5 and went straight to work… what fun.  I hate when I don’t have the chance to clear my head.  I hate when I feel like I’m a worthless useless lump and ought to have my running shoes revoked.

But here I am, doing the dutiful and working working working to shut everyone up.  Everyone and everything else matters SO FREAKING much… Maybe… probably not… but MAYBE when I’m 500 years old I will get to matter JUST A LITTLE BIT.

I’m not on primary production pager duty… so by rights I shouldn’t have to be watching my databases at 5 am…. but yeah, they are my databases so someone else can “do their dutiful” Bull#$%^ and make sure that jobs that usually finish in 2 hours take well over 5 to finish… becuase running their happy little backup jobs CAN’T be scheduled during the weekend during the day… THEY HAVE A LIFE don’t you know… (imiplication, it doesn’t matter who else might or might not have a life… THEY do and they aren’t going to inconvenience themselves by actually SCHEDULING something to run that they don’t have to manually set off… something that might accidentally NOT cause the world to end…

No… that would be silly…

Let’s get Mikey… yeah… mikey is too stupid to not eat Life cereal… maybe mikey will be too stupid to fight back on the database.

I”m so getting tired of this.


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