Adding Weight to the Routine

Well, the free gym is turning out to be a good thing.  Becuase there aren’t so many people go there and it doesn’t feel like a meat market (sorry… the big gym struck me an awful lot like a place where people go to be seen at the gym, but not to actually WORK at the gym to a great extent).  Today there were 2 other women in the gym.

Today, I added strength training to the workout… and it really hurts!  I know that is a good thing to some degree, but it is making my wrist hurt and that isn’t necessarily so good.  It may actually be good in the long run… I don’t know.

I know that this work with weight machines is going to help my running in the long run.

I’m really glad the machines tell you what you are supposed to do.  If I couple that with the idea that I’m supposed to be able to do do 1 – 2 sets of 10 – 15 repetitions for each set, I think I can do this… I won’t feel like as much of a side show. That is a good thing.  If I’m not so self conscious, I will be more apt to keep this up.

How does everyone else do this?  Everyone can’t have weights at home.  How do people deal with the people who come to watch and be watched?


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