My First Half Marathon?

Okay.  Today I made the decision on where/what my first half marathon is going to be… I hope I can get there from here.  I think I can, but I’m scared.

29 weeks.  That is a lot of weeks… That will let me prepare… I need to alter my strength training just a little… more about reps, less about how much I can move a few times.  Maybe I will start working just to increase the number of reps I do with the weight I’m at now for a few weeks and then increase the weight.

And it is close enough to home that I won’t be totally far away if for some reason I can’t actually do it… and if I wait to sign up, I won’t be out anything other than the humiliation of not being able to do it.  Now that I’m seeing my own improvements in my running (I’m going to start podrunner intervals day 1 to 5k week 2 tomorrow) I feel fairly confident that I should be able to maintain a 15 min mile by October.

Any one up for following the adventure that I’m going to try to undertake?  Anyone want to train with me virtually?

Today, the workout was yard work.  Did 3 hours of yard work early this morning.  Cooked dinner outside.


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