Feeling Positive

A positive feeling is a good thing.  Today, after an ENTIRE weekend off from work, I’m feeling very good.

This past week (2 weeks really) were bad because I was on pager patrol and putting in boocoo hours.  Even though, I tried on some Capri pants at the second hand store and realized that, when I’m in a bad mood I totally believe that I look like a hippo.  Mirrors are not your friend… especially when you are tired.  I got totally disgusted and left.  Maybe next year I will be willing to buy a couple pairs of second hand Capri pants… this year I will stick to jeans and khakis.


I have run several times in the last week… and I did weights on Thursday.  Yesterday we walked to HEB for koolaid and jelly and chewy bars.  Today we walked to next to walmart for  small one’s orthodontist appointment.  Yesterday afternoon I swam.  This afternoon the kids and I walked down again to swim.  Swimming always makes me feel good and it always tires me out a lot.

Squirrel got a sun tan.  MPOG got a burn on his neck (he swims in his t-shirt).  I got a bit red where my tank top didn’t cover and where my swimsuit didn’t cover.

Swimming made me feel even better.  The LAST last swimming suit I bought (not the newest one… it has big blue flowers and a skirt… but the one before that) fits again and doesn’t make me look massive.  Maybe I don’t look like I used Jenny to loose lots of weight so I want to parade around in a little suit, but I feel like I don’t match shamu when I swim and my splash wouldn’t drench the first 10 rows.

Tomorrow, it is back to realiity.  I want to get up and run (and I feel like I probably will) and maybe workout at lunch time.


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