Spa treatment from Rainbow Sky

Now, I’m starting to take training more seriously.  I have started to push more and as a result I’ve started to feel sore more and more… muscle sore, tired, achy… enter, spoiling myself with stuff that I’ve gotten from Rainbow Sky.  The online store is an amazing place run by a totally crazy awesomely special lady.

I have started using  BooBoo Balm on my muscles when I start getting sore.  I even use it on my sore feet when I start to feel like I’ve worn my shoes wrong.   It doesn’t smell like a locker room and it rubs in and doesn’t leave you feeling really greasy.  And with the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in it, it makes my skin feel better when I’m done, too.  Going to have to splurge on another 5 oz jar before long!  It lasts for a long time if you use it the way that Sky suggests.

I really love Rainbow Sky’s stuff.  She takes such care in her products… I got a small basket of soaps that squirreld away because the homemade soaps make me feel spoiled, too, and I don’t know what is in them, but they clean away the sweaty feeling without drying or being heavy.  The bars last a long time and many of the “flavors” have exfoliate qualities that make me feel all clean and scrubbed without being too rough.

I know is probably isn’t really what a spa treatment is really like, but you know what, it is close and it makes me feel fantastic to do stuff that is good for my body while not adding meds that really aren’t necessary.


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