Shoot for the Stars

Remember, if you shoot for the stars, even if you miss, you are likely to at least land on the moon.

If you aim low and make it, you don’t REALLY know if you would have been able to make it further or not.  If you aim high and you make it, you made it!  If you aim high, and you don’t make it, the next time out of the gate, you just have to try harder…

And heck, once you have made it to the moon, you are just that much closer to your actual goal!

I know that I’m not ready for MY ultimate Running goal (Goofy’s race and a half… a marathon and a half marathon in one weekend) but I know I can hit my Race for the Cure goal (5k in 6 weeks) and I believe I can reach my goal of a half marathon in February (and running, right now, is so good for stress).  That should reach me to the moon.  The next goal, if I’m reasonable, is a full marathon, or a couple of them spaced reasonably far apart.  That might make it to Pluto (Uranus, since Pluto isn’t a planet any more).  Maybe I will hang out on Pluto for a little bit, making sure I can live there and not die from the atmosphere… <grin>

Then I will look for the next jump, and the next, and the next.

As long as you keep moving forward, you are moving forward.  It is when you stop growing that you start to turn brown and wither.


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