Working out in the EARLY morning

I’m BACK (kind of).  4:30 this morning I hit the road for an hour’s ‘walk/run’.  3.5 miles later… sweaty and feeling human again… I hit the front porch… 35 degrees Fahrenheit in a t-shirt and hoody… sweats… and my DS Walking pedometer (it is my christmas toy).  It was windy this morning, so I actually used the hood or my hoody as well as my headband/ear covers.

I love the pace that podrunner sets… it helps keep me putting my feet up and down…

I thought a lot during my workout this morning… I thought about how on, how when we went to the amusement park last fall… and I realize that my feet hurt about an 11 sometimes… I wonder why it didn’t dawn on me then that I wasn’t just being a weenie… that something might actually be wrong…

I’ve gotten so good at dismissing how I feel… that… I probably helped cause myself to be as far down my road as I am… Maybe I’m not just in worse physical shape and fat and dumpy than everyone else… maybe I really do need to consider that I need to take care of myself, not just suck it up…maybe there really is something wrong.

there is…

and now I need to really really pay attention to myself and make sure that I’m doing the right things…


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