On Taking a Mosey

Today, I probably felt well enough to take a real walk, but the dog wanted to go, and so did both kids.  So mosey it was.

To be honest, the dog ran 90% of the time.  The people mosied, but the dog ran as fast as she could while going slowly at the end of the leash… she reminded of horses in a horse pull… they look like they are going 90 miles an hour but not really making any great distance.

We went to the park.  There is a new “track”… or maybe more accurately walking trail… around the back side of the park. It wanders along beside the creek (the dog LOVED that… we took a side track down to the creek thirty times!  Now the fuzzy white mutt is now gray from the belly down.

The path is great… is isn’t quite finished yet, but it is gravel and windy and peaceful.  It would be great if it were longer… but it is pretty.

I wish I could be less angry at my swelling… I wish I could make a fist.  I wish my toes touched each other… ah… wishing and wishing and wishing.

I have decided that I’m glad that I’m a part of something… I wish it wasn’t RA… but I’m glad I’m a part of something… having people who read this and actually post makes me smile… it means that I’m not alone…


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