Another Dr Appt with Rheumy

It is a Back to the Doctor Monday.  Funny… gives “that time of the month” a whole NEW connotation…

Looks like (surpise surprise) I have inflamation in my body (according to my lab work).  I kind of figured that out without actually having to go through the blood work.  My toes, my ankles, my knees, my wrists and my fingers… yeah… pretty sure the bloodwork is right.

Looks like, according to Dr, pill form of MTX isn’t working the way she was hoping. If it doesn’t start helping more (more than… none on a good day… or negative on a ‘normal’ day???), I will have to start on the injectable form… which the insurance won’t pay for if I buy it from the pharmacy… I have to go to the office and have them inject me and then it will be covered after I meet my deductable….

I guess that means I will be in the Dr office every week rather than “just” once every 5 or 6 weeks unless the 6 pills or 8 pills start to do something.

In the mean time, I’m back on predisone… 5mg a day… I’m kind of glad… that will help me get through the race and deal with the swelling and the pain a little better.

I’m trying really hard to stay posotive, but you know… it’s hard.  Knowing that I’m costing so much right now… and that it isn’t likely to get better (did I mention that my HSA card didn’t actually WORK and I had to put the dr appointment on credit card until I can get it all straightened out?).  I am more swelled and achy than I was 6 weeks ago.

I’m just overall sad today… feeling very “poor me”… and to add insult to injury… I gained 5 pounds…


2 responses to “Another Dr Appt with Rheumy

  1. Your insurance would prefer to pay for both the medicine and weekly doctor’s visit instead of just paying for the med? That doesn’t even make sense. I hope your meds kick in soon. Hang in there.


  2. What a crazy kind of system insurance coverage can be; totally illogical! Hope you’re feeling better soon….

    🙂 Laurie


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