Strange Saturday

Well… last night I upped my MTX to 6.   Not sure if it will do any good… starting to have my doubts… but something will… I have to have faith.

Got up this morning queezy… no great big shock there… I didn’t expect to wake up crappy… but it wasn’t anything I didn’t expect…

Kids needed to go to the school (both actually were looking forward to Saturday at the school… go figure…) for strings camp (teaching 4th and 5th graders about string instruments) so I figured I would try to do 40 laps at the track.  Until my mom called and we talked for a while.  They are having a soup day in Grove City PA to benefit cancer research.  What is a soup day?  They put out 3 pots of soup… whenever one is empty, they put out another… so there is a HUGE variety of soup all day long.  Vicki kicks butt at cooking so I have no doubt it will be a huge success.

I told her that I redecorated my farm on farmville (if you are not yet addicted to this facebook application you are probably smart.  I however have made it my escape, mentally).  I redecorated it and I am working on making my farm a real village… and the farm a village farm… and I’m working on writing about life in the village.

don’t ask me why… I have no clue why.. but there you go… that is how my mind is working lately.

So I put off my walk around the track for the phone call… I don’t get to talk to my mom often enough so it was a great treat… and my feet (toes to ankles) are swelled today so it wasn’t any great loss, I was hoping that a few extra minutes would cause the aleve to kick in and take down the swelling a bit.

it didn’t

but my pager went off (it is my pager week at work, oh joy).

so I sat in the car and whipped out my laptop and fixed the issue.  Another interruption.

I gave up on the track and drove home.  We walked to Walmart after scripts though, so I got in my 7 miles anyway.  It was a good walk.  I found a little plastic character from Ice Age (the weasel, can’t for the life of me remember his name).  I am a great pack rat.

I didn’t have my “good” shoes (for good, read wider across the top of my foot behind my toes) so I stopped about fifty times to re-adjust my laces to keep me going.  The donut (white cream filled) didn’t hurt anything either in the keeping me going vein.

I got home and iced my feet (which helped some) and took some advil (too soon for the aleve next dose) and napped.  A hot bath and some sketty later and I’m feeling almost human… ouchy and still swollen, but human.

all in all, a good Satuday, if a little odd


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