Looking Forward to Tuesday

Up and thinking that I really have to get ready for work and get the angle girl’s hair ready for Uniform Day (NJORTC).  I have come to hate uniform days… they are days when I grit my teeth and tough out making her bun.  Last year, I secretly actually looked forward to this… although it was wonderful to poke at her about it… this year I do it and it means so much to me to do it for her… but it is hard to do and many weeks it hurts…

Took my prednisone early so I can get the most out of the day.

I’m looking forward to being at the gym at lunch time.

I keep trying not to dwell on how the doctor thought the MTX would be helping more… and thinking that I just need to take this one day at a time, one dose at a time.

Had dreams last night about the fact that my blood work “said” I have inflammation in my system.  My first thought was, well… duh!!!  however I had dreams (nightmares?) about my heart and my liver and my lungs and my stomach (hey… maybe THAT is why I weigh what I do… from inflammation… not because I’m too fat) and that making weird lumps in weird places because the inflammation pushes the organs out.  It’s funny (not really in a ha ha kind of way though) that the inflammation in my system might explain why I have been feeling the way I feel… and maybe taking prednisone isn’t such a bad thing if it takes that down just a bit until whatever meds gets this beast under control.


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