Stress? What Stress?

So… all of the handy dandy literature says to remove stress… HOW do you do that?

Yesterday I was peacefully (if a bit late because it was a bad day at work anyway) when the phone rang.  It was a “things are broken all over the place” kind of day… and I’m on pager duty so all of the broken-ness feels like it ought to be mine… fortunately THAT stress is self imposed…

Who was on the phone?  The security guy from the high school.

oh crap.

was it the one that LOOKS like he would have the security guy calling me but who has never really caused any trouble?

was the one who looks sweet and innocent but who ends up skipping geometry class?

It was the latter… BUT it wasn’t what I thought… he was telling me that she was being treated by the EMTs because she had a seizure in the parking lot… she was alert and awake and talking but she had lost consciousness.

No stress
No Stress
no stress


Call everyone and let them know

Call boss man to let him know I wouldn’t be able to cover the pager until after we got her out of the ER or until we got her out of the hospital (whichever…)

Drive 35 miles while crying and not crashing and my fingerprints becoming a permanent part of the steering wheel.

4 hours at the hospital while they do a cat scan, take oodles of blood, urine sample… wait for results… watch and worry and watch and worry…

All the tests came back indicating there ‘probably’ wasn’t anything going on, was probably just a normal healthy person having a single seizure… lots of people have ONE… you get ONE get out of jail free card and after your second seizure they send you for more tests usually.  Follow up with PCP…

I felt crappy by the time I got home.

This morning I felt like I got hit by a truck… which promptly backed onto me after it ran over me and parked… I don’t know HOW I would be doing today if it weren’t for prednisone.  I ache everywhere.

Man… this kind of stress “usually” would knock me on my pins for a bit, but I ordinarily would have bounced back better than this.  If this is what extra added stress does to me… I’m all for no stress… ALL my joints hurt today… man… and the prednisone is making me feel crabby and short tempered… all in all it has been a crappy day.

When they say remove stress from your life as much as you can… they aren’t kidding.  And when stress becomes totally unavoidable… not fighting back for a few hours has to be an option…

One response to “Stress? What Stress?

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and wish you the best as you progress in your battle with RA. And I hear you about stress.

    It IS hard to lessen it; stress comes at us all day, every day, in many forms — including the scary kind you went through when your daughter (?) had a seizure. THAT would stress anyone out!

    Here’s a trick from Dr. Deepak Chopra for diffusing stress even when you’re busy: Relax your shoulders, first. Then on each inhalation, think the word “so.” On the exhalations, think “hah.” Don’t try to breathe deep, or slow. Just breathe normally, but think “so” and “hah” as you do so. Do this for a minute (or longer, if you can take the time) whenever you feel your shoulders starting to rise toward your ears.

    This is a very simple meditation. By only thinking “so” and “hah” as you breathe, you’re not allowing yourself to think of anything else — nothing but those two little words and your inhales and exhales. The result is a calmed mind and an oxygenated body, both of which are excellent for dispelling stress.

    I was skeptical when I first read about this little exercise. But I tried it — and now, I’m a believer. Not only can it help to relieve stress, but it’s also useful when I’m in pain from RA. While it doesn’t make the pain go away, it allows my mind — and thus my muscles, which are tight from pain — to relax, so that the pain is more bearable.

    I hope this will help.


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