Sunday…. Part 2

Laurie and Wren… thank you for the pep talk… helped… and yes, I will definitely update everyone on my big walk Next Week..

And in the mean time (as Dori the fish would say) what do we do… We swim…Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… we just keep swimming on…

Welcome to part 2 of my Sunday.

Just when I was happily sitting feeling semi-sorry for myself… even though I was starting to feel better and more “up”… DH decided that we probably should go for another walk through the park (this equates to 7 miles if you take the short cut through a field and a path rather than fighting the “they are fixing the road” traffic that adds a good mile and a half or 2 miles to the walk).

So here we are… from leaving the housing area, through the park… and back home (complete with muddy walking shoes and toasty fleece lined disney crocs… the during the walk shoes… and the after the SECOND bath shoes).  The second bath was more because I smelled like a goat after the walk (sweat shirt and hoody to stave off the chill and damp).

Now… to guilt the world in to meatloaf (sorry Wren!) and to eat some of the donuts that DH got on the back home swing.


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