Okay, the Pity Party is OVER

Sunday was a half an half kind of day… the walk did me good, which it always does… and the meatloaf went over wonderfully.  It had been years since I had made meatloaf and the LAST time the dog ate it for days.  This time, she got a few of the crumbs (different dog) but it all got eaten and it was a big hit.  I was impressed.  I have already had requests to make another one… which I will probably do before too awfully long.

Monday was a HORRIBLE day.  It was rainy, but that just meant it was gray and wet and that usually is a reason, here, to celebrate, even if it kicks the ouchies up a notch.  Work meant that I “got” to play catch up with all of the things that other people were TOO busy to do (like over communicate to the users that they might have issues  after the maintenance that they did… if you have problems… blah blah blah… so who do they turn to?  the stupid one who they know will drop everything and help them with their problems… can you PLEASE adjust the KICK ME sign so it is at least straight on my back?).  While stuff was running I looked at my two hands laying on the table… big mistake.  That kicked in a massive pity party.

My right hand has lumps and bumps and swollen places that my left hand doesn’t have.  I don’t know if, because the overall swelling has gone down (I”m now convinced that this is likely due to prednisone rather than MTX… but I hope I’m wrong) that I notice it more, or if I’m just noticing it. Whatever the reason, it brought on a bout of depression that feels a lot to me like a HUGE pity party and I really don’t like it.

For about two days it was all I could do to not cry and half the time I spent crying and snapping at everyone.

Today, I’m feeling a little better… and I’m trying really hard to kick the blues out.

DD has her QUACKING neurologist appointment today (he quacked when DS went… I keep hoping that he doesn’t quack with her… but we have a long track record with quacking…. so I don’t have a lot of faith).  This means going in to work a bit late.

Half Marathon is in 3 days.  I’m getting psyched.  It is going to be breezy but the sleet, slimy weather should have blown out by then.

I have one question <WARNING WARNING… female question!!!> for anyone who has been on MTX and noticed… did it change your periods?  Mine, which were like heaven sent ones… 2 days tops, light and barely noticeable before… are not an entire week and heavy flow and annoying.  This is one side affect that I could TOTALLY do without… eesh.


4 responses to “Okay, the Pity Party is OVER

  1. If I don’t get to you before then, good luck with the half! May the wind be at your back all the way!!! 🙂


  2. In answer to your question, I don’t think it’s the drugs. The disease might be part of it, though.

    Good luck with your run.


  3. I’m on mtx. When I increase the dose above 15 mg I tend to get my periods earlier/more – every 3 weeks instead of every four, and sometimes they are heavier/longer.


  4. Pollyanna Penguin (http://pollyannapenguin.wordpress.com/) posted a blog a bit ago about a potential correlation. You might check out her blog and/or shoot her a question. I’m sure she would be glad to respond.


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