It’s Saturday again already?

Wow… the end of one of the longest weeks I can ever remember.  It has been an adventure, and the beginning of an adventure… (and out of frustration and anger… another blog… this one, not surprisingly, on our epilepsy journey… it is new, and sparse right now, but I know what I need to do with it since there are very few blogs that I’ve been able to find on epilepsy like so many wonderful people have on RA…  ).

Last night was week 2 on 8 pills of MTX.  My knuckle bump seems to be staying down even after almost 2 weeks off of prednisone… so maybe maybe maybe it really is the MTX helping… it is apparently having an affect on my hair… my PCP asked me if that was what I was attributing the hair loss to.

thanks… I needed that… like I needed the rest of my week.. eesh…

I did get my lab results back from PCP… cholesterol is still a little high… don’t know how hight but a little high… so I need to watch my diet better.  I wonder if the cholesterol is because (partly) of the diet I ate in preparation and recovery from the race…   It is pager week… so I won’t be doing much in the way of distance work this week (at least not until Friday) but I need to get back to the gym starting Tuesday.

I signed up for a yoga class that the HR department at work is offering for $25… 12 weekly classes on Thursdays… I’m hoping that helps with my focus and stress level.  Oddly, with all of the stretching I do when I run, my flexibility isn’t so bad… but this should help with that, as well.

Today is a learning and catching up kind of day.  Supper is beef/pork soup day.  A quick trip to the store will grab cabbage, potatoes and carrots to toss in with the other veggies and some barley… maybe a loaf of Italian bread (also known by the kids as “good bread”) will round out dinner.  Maybe a batch or two of home made brownies too… yeah, I’m in THAT kind of mood.  add to that doing research and catching up on reading everyone’s blogs to see where they are and that will make today a wrap.

Now… a cup of coffee… a hot bath… clean clothes and we are off…

Have a magical day!


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