On The Eve of Another Rheumy Appointment

Tomorrow afternoon is yet another Rheumy appointment.  Today was lab day (oh joy).  Now, I sit and take stock of how I’m feeling.  I have a nice hot cup of Chai White Tea (it was on sale this morning on the way to the lab and tea is becoming more and more of a staple) and I’m listening to the wind chimes singing through the open windows.

It is spring in central Texas.

I’m chilly (that, I think, is the biggest down side to feeling better from the MTX and my biggest complaint to the meds side effects… I’m TERMINALLY cold… I can fight the tummy yukkies… I feel like a dork at 77 degrees curled up with a blanket and wearing a hoodie).

Today, I’m counting my blessings.  My toes aren’t hurting (even after the 9 plus mile walk yesterday), not my ankles or my knees.  My knuckles are a little stiff (maybe a 2) but not hurting too much and my bumps are going down.  I have music to listen to (love streaming dtuneslive.com).  The sun is shining.  The windchimes are singing. Tea feels wonderful.  Squirrel hasn’t seized yet and her month is just about up (January 26, February 21… one more week until maybe I can take a deep breath).  Yoga is helping my mood and my breathing.

While we were on our walk yesterday, I was checking in with my body and realizing that I’m breathing better than I had been.  I’m not sure if I can put that down to any of the meds or not but I’m feeling better that way too.  It might be due to actually taking my singular every day too… something.


3 responses to “On The Eve of Another Rheumy Appointment

  1. You forgot march 10th. in fredricksburg….or does that one really count?


    • That one wasn’t total loss of consciousness and could be a minor seizure… or maybe not… I’m not sure. Dr Reardon said the EEG had settled down considerably, whether that was on account of the meds totally or time that had passed since the last major one.

      It counts… but Dr (when I called him about that one) said that it might have just been contributed to by lack of food and stress coupled with meds that were causing Squirrel weirdness.


  2. Good luck at your rheumy appointment. Chills caused by mtx isn’t a side effect I’ve heard before (then again, there’s sure to be lots I haven’t heard before 😉 ). Anyhow, you might mention it to your doctor. Let us know how it goes.


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