Suddenly Sunday

It was a wonderful Sunday.  I love Sunday walks and today was almost 10 miles.  The park is beautiful with the spring flowers.  Only one bluebonnet yet that we ran across, but lots of other wild flowers starting to sneak out.

Today felt really good.  I think the MTX is actually working.  My knuckle bump is just about totally gone, I can make a fist with only a couple Aleve.  There is still some stiff, but not nearly as much.  Now I look back on the last year and wonder how I could have really been so stupid.

What a way to start the ‘spring’ weather.

I splurged on 2 DSi “games”… one Let’s Yoga (new) one Let’s Pilate’s (used and only $8).  After the 10 mile walk, I copped out on a simple 5 min yoga session, but I also did my 15 min stretching at the tail end of the walk.

I also “celebrated” with donuts (I love Sundays).  a dozen mixed… six cream filled.  Heavenly.  And the coffee is really good today.  Tomorrow the clean tea jar will make its happy sun tea on the back porch as I work from home before and after Lab time.

Life doesn’t seem quite so down today.

DS got 2 used games for his PS3 so he is in Spring Break heaven.  DD went for a walk (all by herself, I am SO proud of myself for not freaking out for the whole 3 hours she was at the park).

Pizza for dinner, and it is almost bed time… at least wind down time… time to listen to the birds sing in the back yard through the open back door.


One response to “Suddenly Sunday

  1. Sounds like a great day! Glad you had a good one! 🙂 L


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