If at first you don’t succeed… AKA a little good news

Okay… something is definitely wonky on wordpress for me (thank you, Scotty for giving me the heads up…)… so I will try again…and again (I only had to publish this one three times…

Okay… so it is a Mary Sunshine kind of day yesterday.  It may not last, but I’m enjoying it while it does.

Went to Rheumy today.  I spent the majority of the day taking stock of myself and of how I am feeling both physically and emotionally.  I have known that I’ve been feeling some better.  After the last doctor appointment I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to be too optimistic, but hey… I am terminally optimistic and a disgusting morning person so… it is hard to get away from.  I know the bump on my knuckle is smaller and I can almost make a fist even first thing in the morning without aleve.  And I know I haven’t taken prednisone in almost a month.  I walked 9 miles Sunday (I really enjoy our weekly walk in the park) and I even made 3 miles at lunch yesterday at the gym (the hot shower felt fantastic!).

Doctor confirmed that I’m not sniffing something good… not even sharpie… When I started this ‘adventure’ I was up to 26 joints affected.  Today (even in the rainy weather) I was only achey a 2 and she only found 7 joints still swollen.  My right hand, of course, will be my problem child.  IF YOU ROLLER BLADE WEAR WRIST GUARDS!!!

She said that my body is running right now on the 6 MTX level… while I’m taking 8 a week… so I should keep getting better and better (especially when I will be starting on 10 pills Friday).  And I don’t have to go back until May.

She did start me on an anti-inflamatory med for days (like while Squirrel was in the hospital and stress was a 14 on a scale of 1 to 10) and aleve doesn’t really take the edge off and suggested zantac 150 to keep from the anti-inflamatory eating holes in my stomach.  But I don’t think I will really need them much.  Will carry them just in case, but will think very hard before I take them.

I got an ‘atta-girl’ for taking Yoga class and she said that, even after the class, keep it up.

AND she told me that I need to push for blood work for Squirrel because Keppra tends to mess with blood counts.

I was thinking a lot about why I have all of this going on… and I was thinking a lot about how there is a purpose for everything and there is very little “chance” in life… and I realized that I can honestly say to Squirrel (not just a mommy saying it but really meaning it) that pills can be truly crappy but your body does adapt to the new meds and the side effects get smaller and smaller and you will eventually realize that the feeling better is just there and not always the crappy feeling.

Am I mary sunshine?  Probably.


One response to “If at first you don’t succeed… AKA a little good news

  1. Good to hear that you’re doing better. It’s so nice when the meds do what they’re supposed to!


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