Breathing is Important… Who Knew! (Another day in the yoga adventure)

Okay, I will admit, I’m probably taking this yoga thing to extremes… well… maybe not extremes, but way further than anyone thought I would… eventually I’m going to (if it KILLS me) be as good as the guy with the amazingly long hair or the guy who drinks his tea out of a stainless steel cup (you KNOW who you are!!!).  I want to be able to be as flexible as they are.  It may take years and I may never actually get there… but that is my dream.

I’ve been looking at the “art” of breathing and it is really cool (and it works… )… AND it is best practiced laying down with your head (and knees if it is more comfortable)  on a pillow.  What could be better… Yoga where you don’t actually have to move!

It is relearning how to breathe deeply, the way you breathe when you are little.

Breathe not only into your chest… all the way into your stomach… deeeeeeeeeply…. the goal (stupid as it sounds in today’s society) is to make your stomach look like you are pregnant…. chest stick out… stomach stick out… slowly in…. slowly out… relax your whole body and just think about breathing…

put one hand on your stomach… one hand on your chest…

make the stomach one rise first…. then your chest….

it really feels good when you breathe like this… relaxed…

who knew breathing could feel good!!!


One response to “Breathing is Important… Who Knew! (Another day in the yoga adventure)

  1. haha – you make me laugh: in a good way, and laughing is a great way to relax, so thanks! good luck on your yoga adventures. i’ll try this move later today when i get home. i need to relax more… have a great day! 🙂 L


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