New Book for an Early Birthday Present

I don’t usually take the money to buy new books from the regular book store.  I have gotten three, I think, in the last year… One on RA, one on Epilepsy and the one that Larry bought me last night.

Yoga for Arthritis The Complete Guide…

Yeah… let’s face it, I’m hooked… I had to smile during the last class at her saying that “this pose” (can’t remember for the life of me now… but I have the audio of it so I should be able to figure it out… ) will get the synovial fluid moving.  I actually laughed at the comment… that is WHY I’m there… to try to get the synovial fluid moving… I got an early birthday present last night when he got me this book… I really like that

1. it tells me how to modify to meet the arthritis needs and what props I can use until (if ever) I can do them without the props… and most of the props are… a towel… the wall… a chair… nothing wild…

2. it tells me under what conditions NOT to do the poses

3. it tells me the purpose of the pose

4. it tells me how to avoid pitfalls (things like… remembering to breathe, open up your shoulders, start slowly… all kinds of things I would probably ignore if I weren’t deliberately reading them…

I absolutely love the chapter on the wrists and hands…

Ever since I fell roller blading (WEAR WRIST GUARDS for anyone who doesn’t know) and broke my arm (radius compound, ulna greenstick… pretty sure that is what started this mess… ten years ago) and my right wrist not working at all right… my wrists and hands have given me issues.  Sometimes better, sometimes worse… Rheumy told me that is why RA settled there so well… it likes boo-boo places like that…

ANYWAY… I love the book… I think I’m going to modify some of the poses and work up my own ideas on them… see where I can make them hurt less when I do them.

Sitting here now, enjoying the reading, the practice and the wonderful smelling breeze coming in through the windows…


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