5 mile jaunt (10000 steps)

Walked to the grocery store today.  5 miles there and back (even got 87 cent a pint blackberries for the walk home).  It was a great walk.  I SO miss western PA in October… because I miss fall leaves… but I really love central Texas in April.  The bluebonnets are breathtaking… and because of the rain they are even more beautiful than usual.

People here are really great to watch, too.  Everyone gets their pictures taken in the flowers.  People… dogs… pictures and pictures and pictures of the posies.  These are a few of mine.

I signed up for 10000 steps (work is encouraging wellness… visa-ve Yoga… 10000 steps… even giving us a discounted rate on Weight Watchers) and today was a good day… made my 10000 steps.  Tomorrow is the Walk to Walmart (for scripts) and that is a nine mile walk…. more flower pictures…

I love spring.

I love colors.

I love days when I don’t feel like I got hit by a truck.


One response to “5 mile jaunt (10000 steps)

  1. What beautiful pictures! Those flowers look amazing! Here, the bluebells and forsythia are in full bloom and the trees have just in the past day or two started to come into bud. I love this time of year! Hope you enjoy your Sunday and may there be many more flowers in your future! 🙂 L


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