It’s Morning Again

Isn’t it cool how that keeps happening… every day a new one… some a lot like the previous ones… some not so much.

I’m sitting here, looking over Adam’s poems, making sure his blog is up to snuff (mostly), figuring out what to do about graduation and College… reading about wonderful places other people have been traveling… and thinking.  There is a new Yoga program on FIT TV in a few min (Kundatini Yoga)  followed by something else, then followed by Namaste Yoga…  sounds like a promising morning.

I think I’m going to end up calling the Dr today (PC not Rheumy) about my blood pressure.  It isn’t as high as it was, but it is all over the place and I can’t seem to keep it consistently normal for more than a reading or two… and since MTX tends to drive it low… I want to be on the safe side.  I may not be put on any pills, but at least it goes on the record.


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