Days When Caring Doesn’t Seem So Easy

There are just days when trying to make things matter just doesn’t work.

I hate the long lonely drive into work every day.  You can only listen to so much NPR without going crazy over the world economy and the BP oil spill (GO GREEN… save the environment… oh wait… pollute the whole world in a month).  I can’t even work up the ambition to get angry at the stupid drivers who don’t use those nifty devices that they have on their cars when they want to shove their way into your lane… you know them… the levers on the left of the steering wheel… the TURN SIGNALS…

I have been hurting the last few days a lot and it has been exhausting to just keep going.  I go lay down early in the evening and I know it irritates everyone.  I’ve been on MTX long enough, it is pushing back the swelling.  I shouldn’t be having days like the last couple where I don’t even feel like breathing…

Some days… it just doesn’t feel like there is much of a point.


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