Weekend Quiet

Finally a little bit of sit down and relax time.  I should be laying down and getting some sleep, but it is finally quiet time for the weekend and I need to just veg… just for a little bit.

Cleaning for the company coming this week.  I totally wonder what the week will bring.  Tomorrow I have meetings.  Tuesday I have a team lunch.  Thursday is company and yoga… the first day of the second twelve weeks… woohoo.

My finger cut is feeling crappy.

Amandya’s newly pierced lip is healing (it is looking reasonably well).  No seizure for three weeks now… looking at the next week or so with baited breath.  This week is finals.

Adam is all registered to go to college… and will be registering for classes in three weeks.  It is so hard to believe that graduation is in less than a week.  My babies are getting all grown up.

Hoarders is on TV.  It is really hard to watch.

My hands are sore tonight… partly I think from the cut on my finger… partly because I’m just in general ouchy.

I have discovered, this weekend, that I can totally lean down on the technology that I use.  I can use my ipod and my phone to journal… to write here… to keep up with people on email… it is totally wicked cool that I have discovered apps that I can even use to track health issues and keep my ICE (In Case of Emergency) for ALL of us in one place.

What technology do you use?

I actually invested in Documents to Go for BOTH the ipod and the Backflip so I can edit documents on the go… I can journal in my little-ness and I can then upload those to evernote so I can access them anywhere.  AND I actually passed the point where I am using some of the premium accessories to the evernote app… I have passed 75 meg of uploads for the month… so I am actually earning the $5 that I spent on this month… woohoo!!!


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