Man… I don’t know if it is anything to do with RA or not, but I have been getting a whole new kind of headache lately… Tension headaches I SO recognize… but these are like….

They are like someone has a bright yellow balloon (yeah… I have thought about it… I and it is yellow… BRIGHT yellow) inside my head and they are slowing inflating the balloon…the pressure seems to be uniform across my whole head.  And there isn’t much that makes it “better”… I got it this morning and I’m not happy.  I have to work 13 hours today and I’m SO not looking forward to it.  The last headache like this lasted three days… I think I’m going to opt for tea at work today rather than pop… I hope something will take the edge off pretty soon…


2 responses to “Headaches

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  2. Keep track. Get a calendar and mark down when you get your headaches, how long they last, and what you try to make them go away. Might be a good idea to jot down what you’re eating, too. Take the info with you to your next rheumy appointment; it could be part of an autoimmune issue. Or call your PCP if you can’t wait; my PCP tried a couple different meds, and we eventually figured out that a blood pressure medication prevents most of my headaches (even though I don’t have hypertension). Good luck.


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