Rough Day… Rough Wait

Yesterday I worked 14 hours.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and aching.  My shoulder was sore.  When I got up this morning my shoulder was hurting about a 12.  I MAKE myself use my arm to try to get the synnovial fluid worked out of it.  I’m trying to make myself feel less horrible.  It isn’t working.

I hurt so bad today I actually called my rheumy to see what I can do… I took the anti-inflamitories that she gave me this morning (max dose) and it did NOTHING… So I called… and I talked to the nurse three times.  The last time…

There is a steroid pack at the pharmacy… that I can pick up after it hurts like this for SEVENTY TWO hours.  I had to put in 9 hours today… I have to haul my butt into work tomorrow because we have a very expensive contractor there and it is critical that I be there.  My back up… yeah… he can come in 5 hours later than the rest of us yesterday… he can leave early today… because he is tired and his back (surgery 7 months ago) hurts so much that he has to be home.  and I “got” to come home so I didn’t have to stay at work 14 hours again tonight… I have to WORK as long (oh… and I “got” to be volunteered to have my trouble ticket made a severity 1 and worked 24 x 7  because obviously I am the ONLY FREAKING ONE who can DO it and I so totally don’t need rest.

I am cranky tonight and feeling like not only am I taken for granted… I am ignored when I talk.

Between the pain that makes me near tears all day and the “you really don’t matter as much as… well… anyone else” attitude… I so want to just lay down and curl up with my blanket and sleep… which I can’t do.

The single bright spot in my today?

There is someone at work who rode to my defense today… made sure that boss man heard him say that what I do is appreciated… most particularly when I do it without bitching when I am not the one on call to jump when something is needed… but do it because I am there and I will get the job done.  That made me smile through the pain fog.

I am so hoping to get a little sleep tonight…


One response to “Rough Day… Rough Wait

  1. Warm gentle . How I wish I could help.


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