$2.26… The little things… July 2, 2010

Okay… sometimes “retail therapy” really does work.  Not always… actually, probably, not even usually.  This morning it did.

I spent a whole $2.26 US dollars and, while the actual spending of the money isn’t what made me feel better… the sheer pleasure of even just the first swallow of Dunkin’ Donuts Large Iced Coffee (with actual cream and sugar this morning… guilty pleasure) was completely and totally worth the splurge.

Yeah, I could have made a pot of coffee and even made my own iced coffee at home (that is the splurge part to begin with) or I could have forgone the pleasure and had water (which I SHOULD have done) or even breakfasty drink mix….

Yeah, I could have waited to get into work and made a pot (since I’m the early bird usually) and made iced coffee out of that…

But Hurricane Alex is having an affect on the weather (not a BAD affect… rain… clouds… nothing like hurricane weather or anything) and will probably for the whole day… Driving in after two consecutive late work nights… Driving in in the drizzley yuk with people who SO TOTALLY don’t get water falling from the sky… Driving in this morning… I just really wanted a cup of DD coffee…

So I did it

I stopped, went through the drive through, and got my coffee.

The feel of the heavy, sweaty, plastic glass as it came out the drive through window was heaven.

The sound of the plastic straw sliding in the plastic lid…

The taste of that first cold drink…

It was completely worth the $2.26.

Now, sitting listening to the world come to life in the office… I would SO much rather be back in the truck all by my lonesome listening to NPR and tasting the first sip of coffee again… And I do feel guilty at my guilty little pleasure… because it WAS $2 I could have forgone… but this morning, the whole coffee buying and coffee drinking experience was so totally worth it.


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