If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

If I had unlimited resources (resources being all inclusive…) I would create a world where people would allow all other people to just be people and not judge them by arbitrary standards.

Don't get me wrong… laws still have to stay in effect… you can't go around killing people just because… even in texas where "they need killing" is a reason…

I would create a world where it is perfectly okay to be gay or straight, where it is okay to not be "perfect" (it's okay to be fat, thin, wear glasses or braces… on legs or teeth or whatever… it's okay to be hearing impaired, or autistic or epileptic or blind… it's okay to be black or white or green or blue or purple…) where people get over the whole I am better than everyone else or I deserve to be in front of you because I'm better than you or where people think it is okay to take advantage of people just because they can.

Not a utopia… that would be boring… but where people don't find it necessary to dump on the world just because they figure they are better.

No one is better

it isn't good

it isn't bad

it is just different

I try not to inflict my difference on you (maybe explain it so you understand… but not inflict it upon you)

All I ask is that you shut up and tolerate that I (or anyone else who isn't perfect like you) exists


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