Third Day of the 4 day weekend…

Wow… I so totallyhate metylprednisolone… eeesh.

I took the first day’s pills… all SIX of them.  And they made me goofier than I normally am… they made me jittery and high… don’t like them… So I opted to not take day 2…. I can’t do this.  Do people really rely on these to feel better?  I hope I never have to… You have my respect, my awe, and my sincere condolences.

Yesterday’s walk was shorter than usual (only about 9 miles) but it was wonderful.  I signed up this week to do the half marathon again.  I think I will do better this year.  I don’t know if I will beat my time, but I’m determined that I won’t want to absolutely die by the time I hit the capital building.  I think our weekly long walks will help… I think we need to add some distance to even what we are walking.  I am going to dig up google maps to see what we can do and not kill ourselves. I can do this… I have to keep trying because I have to prove to myself that I can do this.  I would love to try to raise money for charity… but I don’t want the chosen 26.

Yesterday was Squirrel’s birthday (early) party.  She was so happy… she has wanted a party so much.  This year she set her sights realistically and we gave her her party… a TEN hour party… but the smile (and the pictures) are SO worth it.  I was worried about spending a fortune… but it wasn’t so bad… Pizza… candy… ice cream cake (the ice cream cake was killer) and now she is sleeping off the party.  Between her smiles and laughter and his laughter on his Japanese game… yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect.

Last night Bear’s oldest called.  She hadn’t called much since she moved back home and she called with less than great news.  her mom is in ICU with way way low blood count and doctors not knowing what is going on.  I’m worried.  I know that I’m not anyone’s favorite person in the world… but I’m really worried.   I wish I could send her a card.  She used to really like cards…   I wish I could text her or someone let her know that I’m thinking about her.

Today?  This morning it is a headachey morning, but this feels like sinus so I’m not too worried.  I have to check on squirrel… I’m really starting to worry about the swelling she has going on on her face.  Pick up laptop from the laptop doctor (actually… replacement one… they junked out the other one and are replacing it with something they pick… that kind of ticks me off but I get it back.)


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