Okay, let’s face it… I’m “old”… not that 45 is really old old… but maybe old fashioned is a better phrase.  I still would much rather use command line to do my work at work rather than the shiny pointy clicky.  I have fallen in love with the didgeridoo music (after listening to a book on my ipod over the past couple weeks extolling the sound therapy that things like Tibetan bowls (which I already have) and didge help with… relaxation is a GOOD thing.

Reading that sentence… the didgeridoo/Tibetan bowls coupled with the fact that I listened to the book on my iPod… belies the fact that I’m totally old fashioned… which is what this entry is about…I’m finding myself turning more and more to technology to help me to not feel as crappy.  And I’m totally non-partisan in my technology choices.

I BOUGHT a Nook (I like it… it is more practical than the Kindle because I can store way more as a side load on it and that matters since most of my technology books are PDFs and rather beefy).  But on my iPod, I have the Nook Reader, the Kindle Reader, and the Kobo reader… Hey, free books are free books… and free readers make reading free books way easier.

This morning I was reading UR by Stephen King… it is a Kindle only sale, but it is Stephen King… it will truly never replace ‘real books’ (I’m that old) but I can hold an entire library in the palm of one hand… even my “boo boo” hand that I’m now convinced will always give me problems.

How can anything that makes life easier and more enjoyable be a bad thing?

I do wish Yoga Journal came in e-magazine format.

I also wish that the magazines that are in Kindle format (there are more in that format than in Nook format) would “play” on the free reader (they won’t… and they won’t sell them to you if you don’t have a registered Kindle… which is good) but all in all… I’m totally having fun with my readers.  I don’t use the Kobo nearly as much as the other two, but I’ve come to rely on them as my companions… portable and useful… not friends, but defiantly (hey… I AM old fashioned… forever) companions.

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