Barefoot walking/running… baby steps

Okay.  My darling daughter has noticed that, as is my habit in all things in which I take an interest… I have gone totally nutsy over this.  Yes, dear… I have.

I have not found any articles that suggest I should not do barefoot walking because of my RA.  More updates as I talk to Doctor Stephanie…  For now… I’m taking baby steps.  I am toughening up my feet.  I am walking up and down the sidewalk towards the end of the culdesac in the heat of the afternoon… I’ve made it, yesterday, to the mailbox.  Today I made it to the next door neighbor’s driveway.  I’m making way baby steps.  BUT I haven’t stepped on any of the fire-ant mine field piles yet.

Today, we walked to Walmart.  We went later than we should have and it was horribly hot by the time we left… the wet grass where they had watered but it was so hot that once through the wet cool grass it would have been horrible… so… I didn’t.

I did get to see the depressing news… Walgreens has Flu Shots. This is my first year of knowing that I have to get a flu shot rather than choosing to get a flu shot… and I have to get a pneumonia shot.  I don’t enjoy second guessing that I have a compromised immune system… and that I have to second guess what i do… but it is something that I’m getting used to.


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