“Fancy” New Shoes

Not my hobbit shoes, unfortunately, but wicked cool!!!

Fancy New Shoes

I went hunting a crochet pattern for barefoot sandals.  I had found, years ago in… Utah maybe… maybe New Mexico… leather barefoot sandals (just a piece of leather that wraps around the same toe and the ankle… with a few beads for ornamentation) but I can’t find the ones I bought anywhere and I am having way problems finding soft leather laces to use to make my own (shoe laces are a bit stiff).

So… I went hunting.  I found a few patterns that weren’t bad… but some used buttons… some just were the around the ankle and toe… some were way fancy and beaded (and I may actually make a few of those eventually).  What I did find was a basic structure that I can tinker with.

I made a couple pairs in Halloween colors.  I made some wicked purple ones (hello purple day 5k).  There is a chick (it isn’t politically incorrect to call someone chick if you are a chick) at work that said ones in wool (like sweater wool) would be great for winter.  Her feet hate shoes and would love sandals all the time but the tops get cold and socks look dumb.  She liked the ones I showed her I was making but she said maybe wool would be great.  I had some wool scraps and threw these together.

It has the added side benefit of helping my wrists not get too stiff and it gives my hands something to do when I’m looking at my stupid computer screen for hours on end while my database software installs are running.   It mushes out the synnovial fluid from the wrist and finger joints so it frees up my bad hands and it makes me feel happy that I’m doing something that will end up making my tootsies feel better, too.  And they won’t hurt anywhere… not too tight around the ankle when I’m swelly… my toes don’t get squished even when the joints there swell.

These work up quickly and have an adjustable around the ankle fastening and they are all one piece so there isn’t anything to come too much apart.  This is great.

These ones are wool and warm.  Others I’ve made are soft and feel like toasty slippers.

People think you have shoes on so don’t look at you so oddly as they would if you were completely bare feet.

Can you tell I’m having fun?

Anyone want some weird shoes?


One response to ““Fancy” New Shoes

  1. I know what you mean about it helping your hands. I knit and always wonder why it does not make my hands hurt, but it does not. I love that I can be doing something when I feel like I can not do anything:)


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