A Weekend of Discovery

It’s another weekend… I’m sitting, taking a break from reading Eat, Love, Pray on my Nook.  I took up my yarn and hook to make a few more of these…

My newest projects...

I’m thinking maybe I will start selling them.  Not sure if anyone would buy, other than Beth at work who loves them and hates shoes… she is going to use them as sandal liners because the tops of her feet get cold in the winter but she wears her sandals because they make her feet happy…

There is a girl in my yoga class (Hi Brandy… I love the class!!!) who liked them.  and since they have no bottoms, they are apparently okay to wear in class.  Yeah!!! My feet get cold in class and these seem to keep them warm without getting in the way…

I’m making a pair in just a few hours even when I’m not dedicating myself to just the yarn.

I get lost in the process when I do dedicate myself to the yarn.  I concentrate on my breathing and on the way the yarn weaves itself into something practical and useful.

I’m weird.

Yesterday was the day after methotrexate.  My shoulder acted up at 10 pm again… and is actually still not “right”.  I’m starting to see a pattern.  I am glad that I go see Dr Stephanie in just about a week.

We went for a morning walk (dropped off the summer white shirt at the dry cleaner so it can have its military creases put in it.  Now that school is back in, she is all happy about being in ROTC still).  It was wonderful.  It was cool enough to be comfortable and long enough to allow for a nice talk.  The late summer flowers are out, and thriving despite limited water.  It kind of sucks living where it rains so infrequently.

Morning Glories Thrive

The end of this walk I did the last dozen blocks bare feet.  It was slower without shoes and it was starting to get pretty warm by this time, but it felt great.  Until I got to the easement that runs past the house.

Easement grass is jaggy (yes, jaggy is a word… ask anyone from western PA… just like slippy is a word) and a lot like freshly mown hay.  I dodge fire ant hills and as many of the jaggy grass chunks as I can and I’m SO happy to get to the yard grass… even the yard grass that is turning brown in the August heat.

I could probably have done without the last block or so of sidewalk walking along with the jaggy grass… because when I got home the heels and balls of my feet are not overly happy.  Sigh…

Spent the next hour or so chatting with the squirrel about how she is feeling.  I worry about her a lot.  More now than ever because she really doesn’t deal well with stress.  I even called the neurologist to discuss with him what we can do to help.

Took a half ass nap.

Then we decided that a walk in the morning was good… it would be great to walk to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions that were ready.  We left at half past noon.  It is a 7 mile round trip if you go the short way.  Maybe not such a great plan.  We had to make it by 1:30 or we would have to wait till after “lunch” to pick up the meds.

We made it.  Just.

Drank 2 steel bottles of water on the way out… two on the way back.  I had serious doubts that I would make it back.  It was 100 degrees and there is little shade.  We opted for the short way which has very little shade.  Not a good idea.

We decided to not walk this morning but to use it as a recovery day.

Probably a wise decision…


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