Okay… I shouldn’t let this bother me… I know I shouldn’t… but it has been a long enough day already… and a bad enough couple weeks… that rude people are just bugging the crap out of me.

I’m sitting outside of the rheumy’s office waiting for it to be 1:30 when they unlock the doors. In the chair across the hall way also waiting on the same office (all rheumy all the time) are two PLEASANT Hispanic women (mom and daughter) who don’t think any gringo chicks could possibly understand what they were saying decided that I was THE most hilarious thing on the planet. I am not your "typical" chick (had that discussion this morning when one of the guys from work was hunting nail polish remover to take tar off of his fingers). I don’t really usually care a lot what people think of me (although there are days…).

Today was a not so great day. With the rain from Hermine coming in waves and dealing with the challenges of traffic and flooded roads. With the finding out that storage subsystems don’t like getting dripped on from a leaky roof. With the hunch that I would find out that I really would have Sjögren’s Syndrome and the knowledge that the fluid retention in my ankles, knees and knuckles isn’t going away as fast as it should have and that would mean self injected methotrexate in the VERY near future…

I really didn’t feel like watching two middle aged plus women nearly roll on the floor because I didn’t meet with their delicate sensibilities. I felt better when a doctor from down the hall stopped to talk to me about my Vebrams. That made me feel less like a freak show… but it still didn’t help a whole lot. I didn’t do anything other than cross my legs that allowed them to notice that I had on my lilac colored shoes. I didn’t make fun of them for speaking spanish. I didn’t make fun of the way they walked. I honestly figured that I was as good as either of them were and that we all were in the same boat (waiting outside of the rheumy office… duh)…

Turned out all of my worries were right. Next week I start injections of methotrexate. I have to go to the optometrist for my eyes and will probably be on resatis. with any luck the remaining 14 joints will behave better and my eyes won’t hurt.

wish me luck…


2 responses to “Crass

  1. It was pretty much just a crappy day yesterday… I wasn’t in the greatest mood… but hey.

    spent a bad night last night coming to terms with what the rheumy told me. I called the pharmacy and found out (after being on hold for 20 min) that I should be able to get the mtx for 11 dollars a month. I will probably be making the appointment for the eye doctor today.

    It is what it is… I need to come to terms with people being people when it would be better if they were human… and I need to come to terms with my new adventure… and what it will mean now.



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