Time to Go Back to Dr Stephanie

The day of my Dr appointment is finally here.  It seems like i haven’t seen her forever (forever enough that she should have had her baby by now and she was barely showing when I saw her last).

I have several questions today…

barefeet walking

should I be worried about my dry burning eyes or just keep taking the artificial tears several times a day

is it normal to be thirsty most of the time and I know that it isn’t diabetes… PCP tests for that

Are my toes and ankles still swelly (because they are still way way sore in the mornings… more sore than my wrists and fingers even at this Hermine kind of morning/day/week… and they are still that way every morning)

How do I get my MTX shots if I’m for some reason not in town (in case I go for training or something and I’m not here if she happens to decide that I will benefit more from injections… because gotta love the stupid insurance company saying I need to have the shots in the doctor’s office)…

I think, this morning, the biggest question I have is why my eyes are getting more and more dry and burning.  There are almost no allergens in the air (especially the last two days when it has been raining so much) and they hurt all day.  If all it is is that they are dry and burny  and all I need to do is the artificial tears drops, hey… that’s cool… I can do that.  But I really want to rule out anything else.

I always get way nervous about the doctor appointments.  I dread that they are going to tell me that something else is going on and that I will have more issues.  12 hours from now, I will be more sure…


2 responses to “Time to Go Back to Dr Stephanie

  1. April, definitely mention the eyes. Has your doctor ever suggested Sjogrens? (there’s supposed to be an umlaut over the O, I think). There are prescription eye drops and mouthwashes that can help. Okay, the mouthwash isn’t for eye 😉 but sometimes people experience dry mouth, too, with Sjogrens. fwiw

    As for travelling with the mtx, you might ask around at different pharmacies for the cash price. I looked online at Costco and can’t decipher their charge – a 25ml vial is listed as $32.65 for a quantity of 10ml. Insurance should cover it, but since yours won’t, for a one-time expense, it would make travelling a little bit easier.

    Looking forward to hearing about your appointment.


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