Hobbit feet

They’re Here!!!!  Woohoo!  And they are Epilepsy Awareness Purple!!!  I’m so psyched that my Vebram’s FiveFingers came today.  They are going to take a little bit of time to get used to them… but wow do they feel awesome.  Just in time for my Rheumy appointment tomorrow.

They are incredibly comfortable (except for my little toe on my left foot, where I cut the nail too short… and the back of the left foot… where it will just take some tinkering with the velcro straps to get the fit just right.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of getting them all yukky in the Hermine Downpour that is going on outside and I would parade up and down the block to really get the feel of them.

Amandya is, of course, mortified… she thinks they are really weird.

She’s right, they are weird.

And my friend, Beth, from work is right… they do look like hairless hobbit feet.

and I don’t care.  This is going to be so much fun getting used to and working with!!!!


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