Attitude Determines Altitude

Okay… no always… Sometimes things just suck really bad and simply being Mary Sunshine doesn’t help.  BUT for the most part, you can alter your day by altering your choice of attitude to your day.  Amandya’s local analyst keeps telling her that, if she just practices her smile and plasters it on her face (whether she means it or not) will eventually help her to mean it.  I’ve read that in lots of other places in one form or another.  Decide that you are going to smile… decide that you are in a good mood and eventually, most of the time, you can get yourself there.

okay… so I will try.

Yesterday I found Small Town Girl in a Big City, and this morning I was reading HER blog and found Grace in Small Things and Tales of Rachel…and I think I’m going to try this.  It kind of rat tales into trying to find the little things… and it will, hopefully, help me to get my mind around the “good things” in every day.  Do I figure that some days the small things will be harder to find… well, duh, yeah.  Do I figure that some days the small things will be really really small (like the water in the fridge is cold and feels good) oh yea.  But on other days I figure that they will be easier to find.  Life, after all is an adventure… to be lived, not dreaded.

And this coming from the person who spent the entire past week dreading the MTX shots.  The MTX shots that DID NOT make me feel like puking (so it was stomach nausea not head nausea) and which did not hurt much (oh come on, it IS a shot, it is going to hurt some).  Now to psyche myself up to give them to myself.

I know I need to help Amandya, my Squirrel, with this idea.  She is so negative some days… most days… she gets totally caught up in teenage drama.  But if I can convince her to find just one or two things to begin with that are good for each day maybe she will start seeing the good.  I know that, for her, the bad things suck really bad when you are 16… but maybe the good things can start sneaking in… I don’t guess I will ever convince her to take yoga (even though about half of what she does in PT is actually a yoga pose in real life, she just doesn’t like the idea of yoga) but maybe I can get her to start seeing the better things.

Yesterday’s Graces?  (Day 1 of 365)

1.  Shots don’t hurt so much and they don’t make the side effects worse (not sure if they will start helping better)

2. It rained!  It was a nice cooling rain.  Didn’t last long, but smelled wonderful.

3. Peanut made everyone feel loved for a little while yesterday

4. Coffee and a Donut after the doctor was a nice way to stretch the time we spent alone away from everyone

5. They got half the end of the road paved and should have the morning mess cleared up by this time next week!

So how did I do?  Not bad.  The last one was a stretch, but it wasn’t horribly far reach.

Mom thinks I need to do motivational speaking… She thinks I need to take my message to a wider audience (not that the 16 or so people that visit here often aren’t a big audience but she’s right, I might actually be able to reach more than that in some way… it is just a matter of figuring out how… I will get there, I hope.  Maybe this is my next step?  Hmmm…


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  1. I like your blog (and writing style) and see that thematically we write about some similar topics, but in a different way.

    I’d love your reaction to my blog and your readers may find it thought provoking as well. You can read it at:



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