Catching up with the good things…

Today is a bad day that turned around… it turned out wonderfully…

Today, I’m catching up… yesterday I had to work late and didn’t get in my writing… so here I am…

Graces September 22, 2010 day 6

1. A free cup of iced coffee (go frequent coffee cards!)

2. smiling, joking, friendly people working at Dunkin Donut at 6:30 am

3. Cars that have cat eyes for tail lights and faces in their back ends.  It makes driving into town a smiley thing.

4. Cream and Sugar

5. Getting my usual parking spot even though there was filming for something and all of the crew and extras were supposed to park in the parking garage where work pays for my parking.

6. Fall!!!  okay… 89 degrees isn’t exactly “fall”… not fall from my heart… but it is still fall… and I went out and spent an obscene amount of money on pumpkin spice coffee (ground coffee from Walmart) and 2 halloween bandanas (one is purple with ghosts… one is black with candy corn “faces” in the corners.

7. A goody bag of smelling things from home

Graces September 23, 2010… Day 7

1. Having the yoga teacher tell me that my mountain pose was perfect.  Okay… mountain pose is standing with your feet together, arms at your side, legs straight, but tucked under, shoulders down your back… breathing.   but it was good to have her say it was really good.  I can stand up straight… really is the little things

2. lavender tea

3. free cookies

4. Watching my daughter grown into such a strong young woman.  She faced today with a really crappy surprise and rather than get upset or run away, she faced it head on.  She found out that the person who was dumping on here wasn’t as powerful as she gave him credit for and that she is a stronger person than she gives herself credit for.  AND she has a lot of people noticing how strong she is.

5. Watching my son stick up for his sister.  Siblings can fight like cats and dogs, but it is good for her to know he does have her back.

6. Having my facebook status borrowed.  I was angry at the cause of #4 from today last night… someone who claimed he loved her dearly but who couldn’t life with her not loving him back was the source of her issues today.  Last night he told her that he was going to make her understand what it was like to hurt.  It really bothered me a lot and I posted a status…

Real love isn’t hurting someone just because you can. It is not hurting someone even though you know you could

and it struck home with more people than I thought it would.  Sometimes I get it… sometimes I can really verbalize what is in my heart.  Sometimes it strikes home with others.  Yes, mom, I’m paying attention.

Happy Thursday.


One response to “Catching up with the good things…

  1. Heavy on my heart today to tell you how much I love you. Moms love unconditionally. Yes I know that, but…Damn I love you!!


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