Let’s face it… mornings happen everywhere, every day.  While I completely understand that a lot of people aren’t morning people, but I think that to a great degree how you greet the morning is a lot like how you feel about the day.  You can choose to be cranky and crabby and to hate the day or you can enjoy the sunrise, the sound of the trains going through, the dew, the stars, the beginning of the day.

I love mornings.  I love to hear the trains down on the tracks… the sound carries so amazingly in the darkness.

I love to hear the birds come alive as the morning breaks

I love the peace of no one (for the most part) else up and around as I greet the day.

I was watching Sunrise Earth this morning (I love getting to see the whole thing on days when I work from home).  It was Arches National Park.  I realized that there are amazing things about just about everywhere in the early morning hours and that each place is incredibly unique and special.

Graces September 28, 2010…

1. cloudless starry skies

2. pumpkin coffee and joy tea

3. the fleeting glimpse of the hot air balloon

4. The smile of angel boy as he snuggles the dog

5. watching the dog roll in the mud of the creek just for the sheer joy of rolling in in.  NOW, of course, she is stinky and gray… but… she completely enjoyed it.


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