Fractured Angel Girl

Tonight I took a pit stop on the way to pick up the Squirrel at drill team practice.  Her friend was really upset and I stopped to talk to her.

I’ve decided based on that conversation that I’m really a weird mom.  I always knew I was a little odd, but I guess it proved to me that I’m not really “normal”.  I don’t fundamentally care what my kids want to do, as long as they enjoy what they are doing.  Amandya’s friend’s mom wants her (Vanessa) to stay in ROTC.  Vanessa wants very much to drop out of ROTC and go back into dance.  The mom… no… ROTC is way better for your future.  I’m not sure why.  I’m not sure what to do to help her other than listen.  I’m not sure why ROTC is better than being one of the Tiger Dancer’s.  If I can see the sparkle that is back in my kid’s eyes, I don’t care what puts it there (as long as it is legal  and moral).  If she wants to be in metal shop, a Becky Home-echey, FFA, ROTC or even a tiger dancer… if that is what excites her about life, why does it matter?

Maybe if I had grown up differently, it would matter to me more.  If I hadn’t had my heart set on being in little league only to be told that girls don’t play (aren’t ALOWED to play) little league.  I was the first female president of our FFA chapter.  I went to state competition in public speaking.  It was different that I did that, Big Brother Bill was in Ag and that made it okay then… but it laid the foundation for accepting what they want to be.

After I talked to Vanessa for a while, she got a phone call and it was time to go hunt my kid.  I saw them start across the field.  It didn’t look great.  She wasn’t carrying on the way she usually did.  I met them half way across the field… she was in pain.  She was holding her arm across her stomach.

I’ve seen that before… on me.

Her arm reminded me a lot about Adam’s when he broke his.  His was a compaction fracture.  Hers wasn’t the same (turns out).

Run down to Urgent Care.  We walked right in.  They are incredibly not busy. I’m so glad.  Dr saw her.  They did x-rays.  I saw the fracture in the bone.  Not SURE it is a fracture, it could be growth plate… it could be just some weird line… but there is a good chance it is a fracture.

Orthapedist appointment to be made tomorrow… she will likely be casted by end of the week or Monday.

Tonight… she is dumping on herself for being a burden on everyone who is helping wash her hair, brush her hair, undress her… dress her…carry her stuff… whatever.  She is such an independent young woman.  Not sure where she gets that at…

Graces September 27, 2010

1. that I know what a fracture kind of looks like.  After 2 on adam, I can recognize what is going on… so it was easy to justify to myself that amandya needed to go to the doctore.

2. That urgent care isn’t busy like the ER and that the urgent care people… care and are so friendly.

3. People will comment on my posts on facebook even when they are totally random and goofy.

4. 61 degrees.  It has been 80 at night for so long, it feels so wonderful to sleep with the windows open… 80 during the day and way down to upper 50s or low 60s at night.

5. Joy tea from last year’s Christmas season and Pumpkin coffee from this year’s fall season.


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