I’ve been watching Everest: Beyond the Limit lately on Planet Green.  It fascinates me.  It irritates me.  It is amazing.  Don’t get me wrong… I have the utmost respect for the people who train for months and years to be able to even attempt to summit Everest.  I think it would be wicked great to be able to spend MONTHS in Nepal on the side of a mountain even if I didn’t make it to the top.  I’m really impressed that the macho hunky bunky people can do it without bottled oxygen or with this extenuating circumstance or that situation.  It is also very thought provoking.

What about the “rest” of us.  What about those of us who summit our own everest every morning when we managed to get our butts out of even a warm comfy bed because we ache and hurt and are stiff.  Those of us who are amazingly thrilled when we can make it around the block in September in Texas because we can’t breathe or we are trying to get into shape or we are afraid that we will get half way around the block and need to call for help.

It isn’t always the things that warrant a TV series or that they might write books about or that  make people go OOOOOO ahhhhhhhh… wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww that are the most impressive it is the day to day summits that are what we all do.

I’m incredibly proud of myself when we make it on our walk… some mornings when I even get out of bed… sometimes when I managed to wear shirts with buttons and jeans… and tie shoes…

What do you do that make you proud of yourself?  What is your everest?

Graces October 2, 2010

1. the wonderfully cool breeze coming in the window

2. Hot pumpkin coffee

3. a free glass of pop at the sandwich store because I was nice, polite and wasn’t whiney or bitchy with the guy behind the counter.  I knew what I wanted and didn’t give him a hard time.

4. The little squirrel is noticing that she is in a better mood, she’s smiling and laughing and she is NOTICING it

5. Walking our Sunday walk (most of it) even though it is Saturday… because tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday I have a week’s worth of work to get done.  It was a wonderful walk.

Graces October 1, 2010

1. People asking why it is a crappy day

2. enjoying the Dunkin Donuts coffee even if it was an inch and a half short of the top of the cup

3. very few people were at work.  That meant it was quiet and I managed to get quite a bit done

4. Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt

5. Watching Adam find very old games that he will get to play on his comptuer.


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