A Whole Different Reason To Wear Purple and I Let Everyone Down…

Okay, I will admit that, today, I was a bit entirely too preoccupied with my own problems today.  Today was my one month appointment in ‘celebration’ of taking my methotrexate injections.  I was thinking entirely about how my shots were working in my body.  i was thinking about the results of my last blood work (“that time of the month” has a whole different meaning for me… for me it is when I have to visit the lab to have my blood drawn to see if the meds I’m taking are messing up the rest of my body.  The joys of taking chemotherapy drugs long term).  I was paying more attention to wearing “rheumatologist friendly” clothes (aka… bell-bottom sweats and thin long sleeved shirt… long sleeved because as it turns out RA can lead to less effective circulation and my extremities are often chilly).

Turns out I worried for nothing.  The methotrexate is doing its job… the swelling is getting beaten back slowly but surely.  And my blood work is perfectly wonderfully normal.  Worry and stress for nothing.

Today was a day I needed to wear purple, less in support of my squirrel girl, more in support of all of the other purple people who need support too…

sigh… I let my friends down…

Put this on your status if you know or love someone who is gay. My wish is that people will understand that being gay is not a disease nor a choice- people who are gay are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE and EQUAL RIGHTS. 93% won’t copy and paste this. Will you make it your …status …for at least one hour? Promote LOVE & Acceptance! NOT hate !!

I have to admit, I was one of the “seven percent” who pasted it… because I’m friends with and I work with some wonderful people, and some of those people happen to be gay.  Some of Amandya’s friends are gay… or bi… and they need support not prejudice or ridicule or harassment.

I feel incredibly guilty.



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