On Not Giving Up What You Love…

I was wasting time this morning waiting for my work computer to load and be all happy and I found this in RA Warrior’s listing… The Goal Is Not Perfection.  Don’t give up the things you love… It is linked to this one too… 6 Ways to get things done with RA…

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you know that you are supposed to shut up, sit quietly and listen to all of the messages that are being thrown at you like big shiny rocks?

It has been one of those weeks.  Actually… if I had paid more attention before, maybe the rocks this week would not have been so big, so shiny or so frequent… but I’m paying attention now, really… honest… I am.  This blog post was pretty much icing on the cake…

ooo… cake… mmmm….

sorry, I’m back.

Whatever you love… don’t let anything get in the way of finding a way to do it… even if it is in small bits and bytes (yeah, the computer reference was intentional… it is for me reminding me).  Find tools to help you.  Find people to help you and to prop you up when you are feeling crappy or when you need an extra hand (like when you need someone to hold the flashlight while you try to fish the pencil out of your daughter’s cast that got lost in the cast because her arm was itchy).

And this isn’t “just” for people with RA (I’m starting to realize more and more that… hello, it isn’t all about me… all about my crap… all about what I’m going through… it is all about the human condition because we all have things that we are going through).  It is for any people who are finding it hard to do anything.

For me… at least today… it means crocheting when my hands and wrists don’t hurt.  Working on smaller projects… and doctoring some of my crochet hooks to be more comfortable to hold.  It means altering how I do my yoga asanas so i don’t over stress the joints that are affected or are inflamed or just really sore (today, my wrists).

Most important… for me today at least… writing.  I’ve come to realize that writing matters.  I may or may not ever matter to anyone I’m not related to.  It may actually not matter a whole lot to a lot of people that I am related to… but it matters to me.  I may need to write on days that I don’t hurt (or I may need to tough it out when it does hurt… like right now) or write in small doses and take longer to pull together what I want to do.  I will be writing more on my phone (go word processing on a bigger than average smart phone… go go gadget wonder geek).  But I will write because I love to write… I feel like I have something that needs to be put into words… I feel like I need to say it even if no one cares enough to read it (okay, okay, I know I’m having a way “guess I’ll go eat worms” kind of day… get over it… I’m realizing how important this whole … change how you do it if you need to but do it because you love it and because it matters… is… )

Now… what do you love

What do you need to change to help you do it more easily or more confortably?

Need help?  Ask!

need to talk… hey… that is what the comments section is for… I think… I’ve heard tell, anyway!


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