On Sounds…

Been a weird few days… This morning I was poking around the Market on my Android phone (Oracle may be my bread and butter… but hey… Open Source kicks butt).  I didn’t know what I was looking for… I didn’t know that I was looking for anything.  I was just soaking in a nice hot bath and poking around on the phone (how is that for a plan… water and electronics).

And there it was… hiding in amongst everything else weird… sounds.

The app is Lightning Bug.  The app (and several plug-ins for the app) is (are) free.  Free is good.  Even the plug-ins that you can buy are only $.99… not even a dollar… and some of the sounds you can buy are killer!!!  It is supposed to basically be sounds to sleep or meditate by… complete with pictures.  There are beach “scenes” and farm scenes and forest scenes and cityscapes and tibetan bowls and sounds from around the house and white noise and…

And I have my phone plugged in and playing farm sounds (chickens, cows, pigs, ducks) along with crickets and an occasional train right now.  On the way home from work it was a camp fire, crickets and thunder.

It is supposed to be for meditation or to fall asleep by.  It helps to just listen to it and it helps calm the mind.  It doesn’t always work… for a while today it had to be christmas music… but it is wonderful and you can even mix your own sounds.  If you don’t like the canned ones that come with a scene you can mix your own… you can put a train, city sounds and cows in a picture of the sea shore.

It is amazing the way that sound can effect the way we feel, the ease that fills the empty places in the mind and the soul.

I didn’t know what I was looking for when I went poking around this morning.  I’m glad to say that I found it and it is perfect.


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