Trucks Smiling in Traffic

Okay, so I’m easily entertained… it pays off sometimes.

I have been noticing the last few days (since I have actually been paying attention to traffic for traffic sake and not just getting to work) that the designers of pickup trucks have, intentionally or not, actually designed in smiles into the tailgates and lights of trucks.

This seems to be more evident in the early morning while there is still some darkness… or maybe that is just when I am paying particular attention to the cars dancing with me in the mass movement.

Some of the trucks look almost like people faces, others (based on the way lights are designed, I think) look like cat faces.  Some cars look like cat faces, too, but for some reason it seems to be more apparent in pickup trucks.

The eyes are the tail lights

The noses are the latches that open the tailgate

The smiles are the designs in the metal that make up the back end of the truck.



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